About Us

We have been in the pool renovating business for over 37 years and we have successfully renovated more than 28 500 swimming pools.

We specialise in the renovating of old swimming pools (marbelite and fiberglass), resizing pools and saltwater chlorinators (installations), pool cleaners (repairs and new), paving and pipe repairs.

We are also fully capable of creating new swimming pools. Along with our renovation services, we also provide pool leak detection services as well as chemical analyses of pool water.

Most of the pools that we have renovated in Pretoria alone are fiberglass and are still going strong. Our methods are in accordance with NCS, Scott Bader and Atland Chemicals, whom are the most prominent leaders in the fiberglass and resin supplier’s industry.

Our centrally located Pool Shop stocks a wide variety of pool cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Our highly-trained staff are on hand to provide you with the best advice when it comes to your swimming pool.

Contact us today to schedule your direct appointment with one of our highly-trained pool renovations specialists.

pool renovating
pool renovating